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Wills and Estate

Wills and Estates

Our teams can help you with all aspects of Estate planning including preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney. We believe that every person should have access to a Will and Powers of Attorney, and we make it a priority to provide our services in a professional cost-effective manner.

“Our involvement is flexible and is decided upon by you. Trust in preparation for your future is paramount”.

Where to start

  • Get in contact with us at
  • We’ll email you a checklist which you complete and return to us. 
  • We then prepare drafts of the Will and Powers of Attorney and send them to you for review. 
  • Once they’re in satisfactory form, we arrange a meeting at your convenience to sign them. This eliminates the need for two visits in many cases.

In-person appointments are always available if you prefer.

Wills and Powers of Attorney start at $200.00 per person plus tax. 

Some of our clients have completed a second or corporate will if they operate a corporation. We can also assist with this and discuss with you the pros and cons of doing so.

We assist Estate Trustees with administering the Estates. In some cases, clients only want us to obtain Probate if that is required and we are happy to do so. In other cases, clients ask us to provide other services including transfers of property, liquidation of shares, releases from beneficiaries, and passing of account if needed in court.

We can also assist you in matters such as Estate Litigation, seeking directions from the Court on interpretation, Guardianship Applications, and dependent relief actions.